level 1

airdrops / giveaways

During the following months, we will be rewarding active community members with VIP perks, including giveaways such as NFT airdrops and creative competitions. Our team is giving back to those who supported the PogPunks community. Hang out in our discord, interact with project supporters to level up, and you can become eligible to earn extra rewards!


level 2

scavenger hunt

We are creating unique and interactive methods to give away rewards and release new developments in the pipeline. Solve mysterious puzzles to beta test new product experiences, learn more about developments in the pipeline, and claim exciting new rewards. All scavenger hunt prizes will have some future utility in our Metaverse.

level 3

future collabs

PogPunks recognizes how difficult it is for unrecognized talent to prove themselves in this space. Moving forward, we will be offering a platform to collaborate and sponsor talented and underrated creators in the NFT space. The team is also looking forward to collaborating with larger projects in the space. Doing this will help us share our unique vision and development focus of the Metaverse across all reaches of the NFT space.


level 4

3d models

Our first step of our metaverse plan is to create a program to 3d-ify our NFT line. In the future, this plan will grow to having a program which can 3d-ify anyone’s 2D NFT project. Through a unique minting process, we will be offering any project the opportunity to take advantage of our platform in an attempt to grow other projects along side PogPunks. Our team will help support any project that wants to join our metaverse to make this transition.

level 5

metaverse oasis (mvo) alpha

Members from the community that have demonstrated an interest in the long term success of the project will be given alpha access to the game. In order to begin work on MVO, there needs to be a base world that will allow the team to dogfood the platform builder. That world will be populated by PogPunks which will become the first to also undergo the 2D -> 3D transformation. The platform builder is a key part of the Metaverse and is what will enable others to customize a world of their own. Alpha testers alongside the developers will drive the initial design and creation of the PogPunks world


level 6


Every PogPunk will have a claimable companion, this companion will be somewhat tailored to the owner’s Punk. It is unclear at this point if these companions will be in 2D first and then move to 3D. If they come out in 2D first, then you will eventually get an upgrade to be able to have a 3D companion in game.

level 7

metaverse oasis beta

As the platform builder matures, our next focus is the social / community aspect of the game. We put community above all else, and we want the game to reflect that. At this point, all PogPunk holders will be given access to the game. There will be no play to earn functions in this first version. However, in the PogPunk world everyone will be able to show off NFTs, play with their companions, and explore the Metaverse Oasis.


level 8

land plots

Based on certain NFTs you own, you will be eligible to purchase certain land plots within the Metaverse. These land plots will take many different shapes, sizes, and elevations. This an important step in the roadmap because it means persisting data in the Metaverse. We want to make these land plots as customizable as possible. A lot of work will go into supporting 3d models and modeling many items of our own.

level 9

metaverse oasis 1.0

Metaverse Oasis 1.0 will be the public launch of the PogPunks world. The PogPunks world will be an interactive 3D MMORPG. MVO 1 will support all PogPunks NFT lines, any project that has 3d model support, and all the projects we work with to 3d-ify their project for in-game use. The game mechanics are still under discussion but things that are top of mind are: game economics (all that is confirmed at this point is $POG will be the currency of the metaverse), anti grind mechanics, wearables, ownable land all over the PogPunks world, and supporting social / community events. We have an idea of what gameplay/farming will look like, however no leaks on this will come until MVO 1 gets closer. All we can say for now is craftable items, farming raw materials, and fighting mobs will be a large part of the game. MVO 1 will also call for the roll out of our own NFT market (which is a project in itself).


the future

The platform builder we are using to build the PogPunk world will be reusable and available inside MVO for anyone who wants to use it. We are not just building one Metaverse, we are building a Metaverse engine. As the genesis world, PogPunk’s will be the heart of this universe, connecting every new IP that comes on board.

Today, creators are forced to build in walled gardens without the ability to take creations from world to world. The benefits of cryptocurrency and the blockchain are being lost by forcing consumers to be an ape in one world and a punk in another. A platform should exist that allows creators to build worlds that meet the resolution of their imagination. A platform should exist that allows for apes, punks, cats, frogs to live hand-in-hand, side-by-side.

If you believe this too, come join us in MVO.