Staking PogPunks earns you $PAO, which gives holders a variety of benefits including voting rights over the PogDAO. For every PogPunk you stake, you'll earn $PAO at a constant rate. You'll also earn additional $PAO depending on how many PogPunks the entire community is staking. $PAO is rewarded per block (around 15 per day).

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Like most conventional staking systems, each individual holder earns a certain amount of $PAO each day for staking their PogPunks (base rate). On top of earning their base rewards, each individual holder will earn an additional amount of $PAO each day (additional rate) depending on how many total PogPunks are staked by the community. The more PogPunks that are staked by the community, the more additional rewards each individual staker earns.

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The staking mechanics are built with the PogPunks community in mind. In addition to offering additional rewards based on the total PogPunks the community stakes, a majority of of the total $PAO supply is allocated to PogPunks holders, giving them the opportunity to influence PogDAO decisions.

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